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Silver Navratna Mahika Bangle


Timeless treasure! Presenting the exquisite fusion of nine gemstones representing the core of Navratna, lovingly handcrafted by our master artisans out of silver with antique gold plating. Each piece is a testament to the essence of Navratna, rich in mystique, epitomizing prosperity and positivity. A priceless addition to your jewel box.

Composition: Gold plated silver with glass and pearls. This bangle is handcrafted and therefore slight variations may occur in the color and placement of the stones.

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Length of bangle: 0.5 cms, Inner diameter of 2.2 size: 5.5 cms, Outer diameter of 2.2 size: 7.2 cms, Inner diameter of 2.4 size: 6 cms, Outer diameter of 2.4 size: 7.6 cms approx.

Country of Origin : India


Silver Navratna Mahika Bangle

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